DUG Bakken and Niobrara
March 15-16, 2017
Denver, Colorado
Colorado Convention Center
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2016 DUG Rockies Conference

See below for the 2016 conference agenda. To download a presentation, click the speaker's name and enter the username and password you received after completing the post-conference survey online. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2016 Conference, Day 1

March 10, 2016

Opening Keynote: Optimizing The Bakken & Niobrara
With premier positions in both the Bakken/Three Forks and the Niobrara, Whiting Petroleum continues to grow production and EUR. Strategies include up-sized completions to as much as 5.2 million pounds of sand per Williston Basin well, producing 30-day average rates of more than 1,100 BOE/d. Hear what has been working and what new efforts are under way there and in its four-zone Niobrara play.

OFS Spotlight: A View Of The Lower 48 From An International Perspective
This international oilfield-service provider describes its outlook for the industry—both in the Lower 48 and worldwide, including what additional innovation in completions might be possible to further secure the U.S.' renewed energy independence. Also, how quickly can DUCs be completed to assure that U.S. unconventionals are the world's new swing producer, beating all other supply in capturing a higher-priced market?

Panel: Bringing Down Breakeven Costs
These experts provide a look into the direction of Rockies oil and gas economics and activity. The region is always challenged by its remoteness from major markets and its vast geographic extent, and companies that call it home have to respond aggressively to the current commodity prices to stay profitable. Learn what they are doing to survive and thrive.

Operator Spotlight: Rockies Gas From A Multi-Decade Perspective
This long-time Rockies operator, with a second successful start-up focused on the Piceance Basin, describes the unconventional-gas resources it continues to offer.

Operator Spotlight: Rockies Returns–From Gallup to Bakken
WPX Energy has grown its new Gallup oil play’s production in the San Juan Basin to more than 10,000 barrels a day. Meanwhile, its Bakken holding is producing some 20,000 bbl/d. Its current findings from these formations are described here.

A&D Panel: Capturing Opportunities
The buy/sell divide has been great, and big deals have been scarce. But companies are pursuing smaller bolt-on deals, acquiring key acreage, and looking hard at the asset landscape. Across the Rockies region, some interesting trends emerge as companies right-size, down-size and re-size their portfolios.

Keynote Luncheon Speaker — 2016 Presidential Election Luncheon

  • Karl Rove, Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush, Political Strategist and Bestselling Author – No presentation

Infrastructure Panel: Moving The Rockies' Bounty
With more than 15 Bcf/d of gas of gas and more than 2 million bbl/d of oil, the Rockies has long been a hub of midstream development to get these hydrocarbons to markets. Get the scoop on the projects in progress now, those planned for the coming years and changes in end-market demand volume and location.

Special Address: Resolving The Geopolitical Petroleum Chaos
How does Iran fit in now at the OPEC table? What becomes of Venezuela and Nigeria at current prices, if sustained? And Saudi Arabia is planning a downstream IPO and increased non-energy privatization incentives in the midst of declining sovereign cash, reduced constituent subsidization and war. And, then, there is Russia. Here’s an expert perspective of what is confounding energy markets.

Roundtable: Technology Solutions
Enhanced landing and completions are allowing wells to surpass expectations. Larger stage completions and different proppant strategies are yielding strong results. Here is the view of experts with both Rockies and broad Lower 48 unconventionals expertise.

  • Heath Mireles, Vice President, Resource Development, Continental Resources Inc.No presentation
  • Nathan Fisher, Vice President, U.S. Development & Geosciences, Enerplus Resources (USA) Corp.No presentation
  • Garrett Frazier, Director, Magnum Oil Tools International Ltd.No presentation
  • Jack Wiener, Chief Technical Advisor, Halliburton Co.No presentation

Closing Keynote: Out-Stripping The Type Curve
Hess is optimizing its operations in the Bakken by transferring Lean efficiencies into the operations world. This is driving Hess to be able to sustain high levels of production in a low-price environment. In turn, Hess will be well positioned to maximize value when prices recover.

2016 Conference, Day 2

March 11, 2016

Opening Keynote: Oil In The Bank
Even with more than 80 Bakken wells drilled but uncompleted in the fall, Oasis Petroleum's production grew in 2015 by 10% from that of 2014, totaling more than 50,000 BOE/d. Here are its plans for its DUCs as a bank for when oil prices improve and details of how it has gained in efficiency and productivity in the Williston Basin.

Panel: Private Operators: Staying The Course
Private equity-backed firms, family firms and other established private firms have their own challenges in the downturn. And opportunities. Learn how these operators see their futures playing out.

Operator Spotlight: Rising Well Density In Wattenberg Field
PDC Energy is taking well density in Wattenberg Field from eight to 16 per section equivalent as down-spacing is demonstrating additional, previously untapped reserves. In 2015, it grew production 65% and gross PUD locations to 790. Here are its current findings from the field.

Panel: Outlooks & Markets
An operator provides the outlook for Rockies economics from decades of deep experience with cycles, including finding ways to dial down costs while dialing up returns and EUR. Also hear the short-term oil-market outlook and a report on changing Rockies supply dynamics.