DUG Bakken and Niobrara
March 15-16, 2017
Denver, Colorado
Colorado Convention Center
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2013 DUG Bakken and Niobrara Conference

See below for the 2013 conference agenda. To download a presentation, click the speaker's name and enter the username and password you received via email following the event. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2013 DUG Bakken and Niobrara Show Report

2013 Conference, Day 1

May 30, 2013

Opening Keynote: Noble Energy's Niobrara Play
The chairman and chief executive of Niobrara leader Noble Energy Inc., with its 860,000 net acres in the D-J Basin, describes the hydrocarbons the play is giving up, further plans and its weighting within the context of the producer's global exploration portfolio. Plus, here's a peek at its new Tertiary Elko exploration in Northeast Nevada.

Operator Spotlight: Hess' Burgeoning Bakken
Producing some 400,000 bbl of oil equivalent (BOE) per day corporate-wide, Hess Corp. has been revising its portfolio, divesting in the U.K. North Sea and selling downstream operations. The shift is toward greater weight on E&P, including in the Bakken. Here are its plans for further development of its assets there.

  • Debunking the Bakken: Facts and Data versus Hype
    Greg Hill, Executive Vice President and President, Worldwide E&P, Hess Corp.

Operator Spotlight: Oasis Petroleum — A Bakken Update
Oasis Petroleum holds some 335,000 net acres in the Williston Basin; it focuses activity on its West Williston, East Nesson and Sanish areas. The company has been successfully driving down well costs and improving its internal rates of return; listen as it shares its results.

  • Taylor Reid, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Oasis Petroleum Inc.

Operator Spotlight: Building on Our Successes in the Rockies
Newly independent WPX Energy Inc. has rapidly ramped up its Bakken production to more than 10,000 bbl of oil per day. Also in the Rockies, the E&P is growing its Niobrara/Mancos play in the Piceance Basin, a follow-on to its Mancos discoveries in the San Juan Basin. Here are its findings and outlook.

  • Alan Harrison, Vice President, Drilling Operations, WPX Energy Inc.

Roundtable: Investing in Oil Plays
Producers and private equity players are looking for more oil in their portfolios. What does it cost to buy in and how are oily M&A metrics changing? What kind of capital commitments are investors making in oil plays in the Rockies?

  • John A. Cleveland, Managing Director, SFC Energy Partners

  • Harrison Williams, Executive Vice President, Co-Head of Acquisitions & Divestitures, Energy Investment Banking, Raymond James

  • Chuck Yates, Partner and Managing Director, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors LP — Presentation not available

Operator Spotlight: Ramping Up in Wattenberg Field
Selling noncore, gas-producing Rockies assets this year, PDC Energy Inc. is further capitalizing its successful, liquids-rich, horizontal Niobrara and Codell program in the sweet spot of the play in Colorado. There, it has some 890 million Bcfe of proved reserves.

  • Bart Brookman, Senior Vice President, Exploration and Production, PDC Energy Inc. — Presentation not available

Luncheon Keynote: A Special Address by Tom Petrie
"Game changers" in a petroleum context defines economic developments that radically impact how opportunities are pursued — with large consequences both intended and unintended. The Bakken/Three Forks qualifies as a game-changer; the Niobrara meets that definition at least regionally. Petrie's keynote will address varied issues and trends, from development logistics to takeaway and market capacity, plus implications downstream, including U.S. energy and economic security.

Upstream Track – Keynote: Adding More Three Forks to the Bakken Equation
Extraordinarily economic production from the Middle Bakken member has been enhanced by new resources identified in the underlying Three Forks I bench. Now, Continental Resources has proven economic production from Three Forks II and III and is working to prove up a fourth bench. Here are its findings.

  • Evolution of the Giant Bakken/Three Forks Oil Field — Part 3
    Jack Stark, Senior Vice President, Exploration, Continental Resources Inc.

Midstream Track – Keynote: The Bakken Infrastructure Challenge
The Bakken offers tremendous economic promise for the region as it helps to reshape North America's oil and gas industry. What's the potential? What are the hazards? How will the pipeline sector meet the many challenges that accompany this realignment? Learn about how the infrastructure is changing and adapting to the new world.

Upstream Track – The Bakken Without Borders: The U.S. and Canada Sides
The Bakken play of North Dakota and Montana takes on a different aspect in Saskatchewan. Here's a look at the crossborder rock, and the similarities and differences between the two plays.

Upstream Track – International Operator Spotlight: The Bakken in the Rough Rider Area
Since acquiring Brigham Exploration Co. in 2011, Statoil has become a leader in the Bakken shale. It is one of the most active drillers in the play. Statoil recently announced the leasing of 1,000 railcars to move its production to market. Here's an update on the company's Bakken strategy and plans.

Upstream Track – Private Operator Spotlight: Niobrara in the Sand Wash; Green River in the Uinta
Axia Energy is developing resource plays in the Sand Wash and Uinta basins. Learn how this private company built its position and is creating value. Hear updates on its results to date and its plans going forward.

  • Thomas Dyk, Chairman and CEO, Axia Energy LLC — Presentation not available

Midstream Track – Two Bakken Spotlights: Light, Sweet Crude and the North American Renaissance
The Bakken's abundant production impacts traditional transportation players — as well as the refiners who will process it. How is this remarkable play changing the region's midstream and downstream businesses? Listen as two experts dissect the realignment of historic businesses and the new opportunities that are being pursued.

  • Odette Eng, Vice President, WorleyParsons

  • Trisha Curtis, Senior Research Analyst, Energy Policy Research Foundation Inc. (EPRINC)

Upstream Track – Geology Spotlight: Mudrock Reservoirs
Here, a chief geologist describes why the depositional fabric and sequence stratigraphic framework of mudrock matter. Mudrock character, which ultimately controls the distribution and deliverability of hydrocarbons, is anything but homogeneous, says Dr. Jeffrey May. Here's why and how to apply this knowledge.

  • Mudrock Reservoirs — Why Depositional Fabric & Sequence Stratigraphic Framework Matter
    Dr. Jeffrey A. May, Chief Geologist (retired), EOG Resources Inc.

Midstream Track – Spotlight: McKenzie County's Bakken Solution
McKenzie County, North Dakota, lies in the heart of the Bakken play. Here is one firm's approach to bundling gathering, transportation, treating and processing operations. What are the benefits, and will this strategy spread to more areas?

Upstream Track – Spotlight: Smarter Field Operations
Leading gas producer Encana describes its surface-level innovations, such as use of associated gas in field operations, as it moves toward greater cost efficiencies and environmental stewardship.

  • David Hill, Vice President, Natural Gas Economy Operations, Encana Natural Gas Inc. — Presentation not available

Upstream Track – Technology Roundtable: Innovations in Completions
Producers and service providers discuss the current best practices in successful well completions. Lateral lengths, stage spacing, array fracs and more are open to discussion. What fluids and proppants are most effective? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this topical Q&A.

  • Rob Fulks, Director, Shale Resource Projects, Weatherford — Presentation not available

  • Rick Ross, Vice President, Operations, Whiting Petroleum Corp. — Presentation not available

  • Clay Terry, Technical Marketing Manager, Water Liaison, U.S. Northern Region, Halliburton — Presentation not available

  • David McKay, Bakken Project Director, Hess Corp. — Presentation not available

Midstream Track – Panel: The Bakken — Via Rail
The delivery of crude production by railroad tanker is a main story in the energy patch during 2013, and the Bakken is ground zero for this trend. With Bakken crude oil and liquids production having outstripped fixed pipeline takeaway capacity, Bakken producers have turned to rail for nearly two thirds of the region's outflows of crude oil. Learn how Bakken oil is reaching destinations on the West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast and even eastern Canada.

  • Moving Crude to Market
    Teresa Perkins, General Director, Petroleum, BNSF Railway

  • The Eddystone Project: Railing Bakken to Pennsylvania
    Erik Johnson, Vice President and General Manager, Canopy Prospecting Inc.; Eddystone Rail Co.

  • Brian Freed, Vice President, Crude Logistics, Inergy Services

  • Nathan Savage, Senior Vice President and Group Leader, Oil and Gas Solutions, Savage Cos. — Presentation not available

2013 Conference, Day 2

May 31, 2013

Upstream Track – Opening Keynote: Whiting's Bakken and Three Forks, Plus the Pronghorn
Making more than 31,000 BOE per day from the Bakken and Three Forks, Whiting Petroleum Corp.'s results include wells with IPs of more than 3,400 BOE per day. Here are the latest details of its findings, plus a look at its new wells in the Pronghorn sand.

Midstream Track – Keynote: A New Rockies Venture
In July 2012, Meritage Midstream received a $500-million equity commitment from Riverstone Holdings, LLC. Meritage has since been pursuing greenfield and acquisition opportunities in emerging resource plays; learn the latest plans of this growing firm.

  • Steven B. Huckaby, Chairman and CEO, Meritage Midstream — Presentation not available

Upstream Track – Operator Spotlight: Halcón Resources' Bakken Portfolio and Plans
Formed just more than a year ago, Halcón Resources Corp. has built a Williston Basin position of some 135,000 net acres making more than 26,500 BOE per day. Here are its plans for this core position in the Bakken and Three Forks.

Upstream Track – Niobrara Economics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
The Rockies's Niobrara play in has morphed from a gas-prone vertical play of regional impact to a liquids-rich horizontal play with national importance. Stacked laterals loom in the future, with the promise of extraordinary economics. Will this play soon reach global significance? Learn that and more in this analyst's take on the new Niobrara.

Upstream Track – Operator Spotlight: Niobrara Benches and More
An early mover in the play, Bonanza Creek provides an update on its progress in determining the right spacing and lateral configuration among Niobrara B and C benches, as well as the Codell. Find out what the operator is doing to optimize recovery.

  • Patrick A. Graham, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Bonanza Creek Energy

Midstream Track – Spotlight: Gas Storage in the Niobrara Region
Success in the Niobrara is generating new projects in northeastern Colorado. Here's a look at gas storage in the region, current projects and growth plans.

  • James G. Hoff, Vice President, Reservoir Engineering, Merchant Energy Holdings LLC

Midstream Track – Spotlight: New Refining in the Bakken Region
The partners in Dakota Prairie Refining LLC recently announced the engineering effort and plant design for a 20,000-bbl-per-day refinery in Dickinson, North Dakota. The project has been put together by MDU Resources Group Inc. and Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP. Gas will be supplied to the refinery by WBI Energy Inc., a unit of MDU Resources. The refinery which will produce ultra-low-sulfur diesel, is scheduled for completion at the end of 2014. Learn the latest on this groundbreaking venture.

  • Paul Hopfauf, Vice President, Business Development, WBI Energy

Midstream Track – Spotlight: The New World for Producers and End-Users
Companies from the producer side to the end-user side are grappling with the far-reaching impacts of the new oil and gas supplies. What are the competitive advantages end-users are creating? How are they leveraging the new U.S.-sourced crude oil, natural gas and NGL supplies?

  • Vance Scott, Partner, Americas and Head, Energy and Chemicals, A.T. Kearney

Spotlight: More Rockies Basins
While the Williston and D-J basins have been making headlines world-round, the Powder River, Big Horn, Piceance, Uinta and others also host attractive potential resource plays.

  • Niobrara and Mowry Petroleum Systems
    John B. Curtis, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Geology & Geological Engineering Director, Potential Gas Agency, Colorado School of Mines

Emerging-Oil Spotlight: The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
The TMS play, spanning portions of Louisiana and Mississippi, is gaining steam with such completions as Goodrich Petroleum Corp.'s newest well, Crosby 12H-1. The test was gauged at a 24-hour average rate of 1,130 BOE per day, 93% oil. Discover here the early indications of the sweetest spots across the play.

  • Robert Turnham, President and Chief Operating Officer, Goodrich Petroleum Corp.

More Emerging Horizontal-Oil Plays
Here's a look at findings from a couple of interesting resource plays that intrigue explorers: the Heath shale of Montana and the Upper Sunniland Trend in Florida.

  • Early Indications from the Heath Shale
    Stephen Lipari, Chief Operating Officer, Central Montana Resources LLC

  • Results from the Horizontal Upper Sunniland Trend
    Steve Boljen, Senior Staff Geologist, BreitBurn Management Co.